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Lime-Elo Sorbet

At Sweet Melissa's Cafe, Chef Melissa Talmage takes exceptional pride in her food and it shows. Every item is made fresh daily using only the freshest seasonal produce, meats and seafood. Please click on one of the links below to view current menus. Lunch Menu Dinner Menu Wine List Cocktails.
Sweet Melissa's presents an extensive wine list of applauded  vintners, available by the glass or the bottle. The wait staff is thoroughly versed in wine pairings and able to make excellent recommendations to accompany your meal. Wine pairings are served in generous half glass and full glass portions, allowing for a different wine with seafood and meat - perfect when choosing from the wide variety of small plates available.

"I love both Chef Melissa Talmage's innovative cuisine and her wine savvy wait staff who'll pair each dish for you." - Rose O'Dell King, News-Press