Chef Melissa Donahue of Sanibel

Chef Melissa Donahue opened Sweet Melissa’s Cafe on February 14, 2009, and has been delighting Sanibel diners ever since. Melissa and her husband, John, along with their children, Olivia (16) and Benjamin (13), relocated to Sanibel after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. She’s been an island resident and culinary treasure Read more…

The Culinary Journey of Chef Melissa Donahue

A family that didn’t cook, a detour from law school. the September 11 crisis, Hurricane Katrina, and an untimely death: One might say that a series of curious events – perhaps even inescapable fate . . .  To continue reading, please visit:

Sanibel Lime-elo Sorbet

Sanibel Lime-elo Sorbet Around 2007, Sanibel resident Steve Maxwell was amazed to discover that two fruit trees in his backyard had somehow produced a naturally germinated hybrid between a key lime and a Mineola tangelo honeybell. Since the discovery of the plant — he christened the Lime-elo — Maxwell’s natural Read more…

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