Sweet Melissa’s is doing it’s part “Keeping it Local” by using suppliers on and close to Sanibel Island.

12 Seasons Farm:

A small family farm specializing in citrus, strawberries, fruiting vegetables, sunflowers, heirloom and artisan tomatoes. Come visit them at ‘The Captiva Farmer’s Market’ on Tuesdays, from 8-noon, or at the ‘Promenade Farmers Market’ on Saturdays from 8-noon. 

Anson Mills:

Handmade mill goods from organic heirloom grains. Seedsmen of the 19th century bred for flavor—not for transport, not for visual appeal, not for shelf life, not even for disease resistance. Agriculturists of the period sought to impose the maximal beneficial effect of terroir on their ingredients. By doing these things as well, Anson Mills will continue to reintroduce the diverse and flavorful foodways of the Carolina Rice Kitchen.

Blue Star Seafood:

Blue Star Seafood was founded by Brian Schwemmer in Aug. of 1992. We started this company with the vision to sell only the finest quality seafood. In 2002, we incorporated a new division of Fresh Local Fish and since then, Blue Star Seafood has made a name to provide only the highest grade of fish.

Captain Jerry’s Seafood:

Captain Jerry’s Seafood a division of Oakes Farms, is a wholesale distributor specializing in fresh seafood products from the Gulf and around the world. We have been servicing Southwest Florida with the finest seafood available since the mid 1970’s and are extremely proud to be the choice of many of the areas finest chefs, distributors and retail markets. Our staff has well over 75 years of experience in the local seafood industry, ranging from product procurement and commercial fishing, to retail sales and restaurant management.

East Fork Creek:

East Fork Creek Gardens is an innovative produce farm in South Fort Myers, that mostly focuses on growing lettuce. We proudly are the southernmost commercial aquaponic farm in the United States.

Oakes Farm:

Oakes Farms is a direct link between the farmer and the chef. We achieve this with our Food Service and Distribution division, which prepares and delivers fresh and tasteful food products to thousands of families through its partners every day. Oakes Farms provides the tools entrepreneurs in the food service industry need to stay a step ahead of the competition. Our wholesale client base benefits from the Seed to Table.

Sanibel Lime-Elo Sorbet

The Sanibel Lime-elo sorbet, which resulted from a happy accident when former high school teacher Steve Maxwell discovered a new fruit–the Sanibel Lime-elo. The taste? Described as tangy or sweet-and-sour.

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