Sanibel Lime-elo Sorbet

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Sanibel Lime-elo Sorbet

Around 2007, Sanibel resident Steve Maxwell was amazed to discover that two fruit trees in his backyard had somehow produced a naturally germinated hybrid between a key lime and a Mineola tangelo honeybell. Since the discovery of the plant — he christened the Lime-elo — Maxwell’s natural wonder is bearing its own fruits with the recent launch of several baked goods, which have incorporated the one-of-a-kind sweet, but tart, flavors.

The Sanibel Lime-elo sorbet, which resulted from a happy accident when former high school teacher Steve Maxwell discovered a new fruit–the Sanibel Lime-elo. The taste? Described as tangy or sweet-and-sour. The discovery took place where Maxwell was grilling, used a lime and tossed it without thinking. Later, he would discover the lime seeds germinated and grew where they were disposed to give rise to the Lime-elo

In the past, Maxwell has marketed his Lime-elo brand which led to the creation of a number of edible products, including cakes, pies, fudge and sorbet. Of the latter, Melissa Donahue of Sweet Melissa’s Café is the exclusive maker of Maxwell’s Sanibel Lime-elo Sorbet, which is sold at Bailey’s General Store and Jerry’s Market on Sanibel, Ada’s Natural Market in Fort Myers and Wynn’s Market in Naples. “Melissa has perfected the sorbet recipe… she packages it for retailers,” said Maxwell. “And her bartender has developed some drinks featuring Lime-elo sorbet.”


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